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Turn on your new iPhone and use the Setup Assistant to enter your account info and personalize your settings. Make sure to have your Apple ID and password handy. Transfer content Here's helpful info on transferring info from your old device to the new one? Learn how to transfer info from: iPhone; Android On your current iPhone, Set Up New iPhone will appear and the animation will appear on the new phone. Hold the scan the animation over the current iPhone camera. On the new iPhone, Transfer Cellular Plan willappear. Select the line to transfer, and tap Continue. We’ll guide you through a few extra steps you'll need to finish setting things up. On your PC: In the search box on the taskbar, search for your phone and select the Your Phone app from the results. You’ll be asked to sign into your Microsoft Account. You'll need to sign in to the same Microsoft account on your phone and PC to link your Set up the new iPhone as a new phone and don’t transfer data from an old iPhone. When the Quick Start screen appear, tap the Set Up Manually link at the bottom. On the next screen, select a Wi Jul 14, 2020 · Click on Your Phone Companion and click Remove account. If you have Your Phone Companion: On your phone, open Your Phone Companion. In the upper right-hand corner, click the Settings gear. Tap Accounts. Find the Microsoft Account and click the button to the right Sign out. Your device is now unlinked with the Your Phone app.

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To set up your device, follow the steps below: Select your language and tap the Next icon. If you've already inserted the SIM card, the device will automatically be activated. Tap Start the Setup Wizard to continue. On the Welcome screen, tap the Next icon to set up your device. Tap the Start icon to set Learn the basics of setting up and getting started with your new Galaxy. From transferring your data to connecting to the Wi-Fi, here you will find all the answers. E-messaging allows friends and families to send electronic messages to offenders. To learn more about the service and to set up an account, click the following link: E-messaging. Complaints about the vendor service for the Offender Telephone System or E-Messaging Service should be forwarded in writing to: Texas Department of Criminal Justice The phone is good except the volume does not go high enough, This is made for the elderly, When all sound is set at the highest setting and the volume button is set all the way up and the speaker is on, At best it may be at medium volume on any other phone"

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View the instructions below to set up and access your voicemail box and listen to messages. Or, view the more detailed instructions for AT&T Voicemail Services (PDF, 823KB). Set up voicemail To set your voicemail box using the phone connected to your AT&T Voicemail (such as your home number), follow these steps: Dial *98 or dial your Access Number. How to Set Up a Phone Menu for Small Business - Telzio