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Microsoft Windows Redistribution: Traditionally Linux has been the OS of choice for most hardware appliances. Vendors have not used Windows as much due to price and lack of modularity. On top of that, Microsoft does not allow ISVs to redistribute Windows in a virtual machine for production use, which really puts a damper on shipping Windows Manually Patch VMware vCenter Server VCSA with ISO Jul 09, 2019 Computer Appliance : What are Computer appliances

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Figure 1. Citrix SD-WAN 1000 with Windows Server, front panel. The front panel of the SD-WAN 1000 with Windows Server appliance has a power button and five LEDs. The power button is used to switch the appliance on or off. The reset button restarts the appliance. The LEDs provide critical information related to different parts of the appliance.

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Go to the Virtual Appliance Marketplace, which is part of the VMware Solution Exchange. Search the Marketplace to find a prepackaged application. Log in and download the appliance. Deploy the appliance in your vSphere environment. FREE Local Appliance Delivery Includes: Inspection of appliance for visible damage; Connection of appliance to existing water connection, drain or external dryer exhaust for washers, dryers, ranges, refrigerators and freezers, provided the customer also purchases new connections from Lowe’s (e.g., dryer vent, range or dryer cord) You can use one of the two types of virtual appliances: User defined routing - replaces distributed routers on the virtual network with the routing capabilities of the virtual appliance. With user-defined routing, the virtual appliance gets used as a router between the virtual subnets on the virtual network.