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Thanks to the marvels of technology, Netflix Party lets you synchronize video playback of your favorite movies and TV shows with your friends and family, without leaving your house. That way you can be responsible human who doesn't spread the COVID-19 virus, without completely abandoning your social life and becoming a hermit. Netflix Party: This App Lets You Watch Movies And TV Shows May 14, 2020 Can you get Netflix Party on iPhone and Android Mar 19, 2020

Netflix Party on iPhone? Can You Join the Party on Your Phone?

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Share an Account With Family or Friends. Netflix doesn’t care if you share your account. In fact, the … Things You Never Knew You Could Do On Netflix | ScreenRant There are plenty of things you can do to make your movie and television watching experience so much better. There's also plenty of things you can do within Netflix's home menu screen to make picking out a film or show even easier than before. Plus, with the added help of some plug-ins, your Netflix experience can be more enjoyable than ever before.