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Jun 11, 2019

Mar 14, 2020 Apple TV Airplay not working - Verizon Fios Community I have 2 Apple Tvs, one connected wirelessly and the other connected directly to the ActionTec FiOS Router. Since changing the key to WPA2 I have re-booted the router and both Apple TVs and both the IPhone and the IPad. Didn't make a difference. I haven't tried restoring the wep key yet because I'm afraid that will work but then my webcam won't

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Jun 11, 2019 · Plug one adapter into a power socket near your router, and plug the other into a socket near the devices you’re trying to connect over AirPlay. You’ll then be able to connect your device(s) to the second Powerline adapter, and the adapter will transfer data between your devices and your router, via the mains electricity circuit. Have you tried changing the wireless channel of your router (Velop)? If you haven't, you may try that. See if it'll fix the issue. If the issue persist, try to connect your streaming devices (specifically the ones you use for Airplay) to your 5GHz band, see if there's any difference. Let us know how it goes.