I need to get acces to multiple remote LAN (not specially at the same time) from my office (Fixed IP). All these remote LAN will be connected to internet via 3 or 4G USB key and will have dynamic IP address. An OpenVPN Server is running in my Office. Note : I want to avoid DynDNS service to reduce cost. __EDIT__

Feb 07, 2020 Best VPNs for Static or Dedicated IPs | Get Residential IPs CyberGhost VPN. www.cyberghostvpn.com. Best static IP VPN: CyberGhost is our #1 pick. They … [SOLVED] How to do VPN without Public Fixed IP

Adjust it to look like the sample below and adjust the addresses to match your network and your desired static IP. We assume an IPv4 address because at the moment this documentation section was written the Access Server only supported incoming OpenVPN tunnel connections on IPv4.

Mar 16, 2020 How to create a VPN connection with dynamic IP addresses Creating a VPN Tunnel with Dynamic IP addresses . Dynamic DNS . When creating a site to site VPN connection we would use public static IP addresses to connect to each end. At one end we would tell our firewall to connect to the other firewall and specify its static address, and then we would do the same at …

Configuring a Site-to-Site Static Key OpenVPN Instance¶ Using pfSense® software, connecting two sites using OpenVPN is very simple. One side is configured as a client, and the other as a server. OpenVPN in shared key mode is the recommend method for site to site connections, unless there are a half dozen or more sites.

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