How does Amazon's Route 53 compare to Google Public DNS

Is there any reason I SHOULDN'T use Google's open DNS I agree that the DNS should be configured through your router for ease. I use Google's DNS as my ISP recommends a public DNS option over their own. I notice very good results with Google's DNS, though I've never tried to do any real comparative testing. What are the fastest DNS providers? | ZDNet Apr 05, 2018

This might feel like censorship. Third-party DNS server like Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, UltraDNS, DynGuide, and others can help you find ways around these restrictions. DNS Server Options. Here are the IP address for the OpenDNS and GoogleDNS. G o o g l e DNS. Preferred: Alternate: OpenDNS. Preferred: Alternate

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Any advantage to using Google's DNS servers VS your ISP's

Known DNS Providers | AdGuard Knowledgebase Verisign Public DNS is a free DNS service that offers improved DNS stability and security over other alternatives. Verisign respects users' privacy: it doesn't sell public DNS data to third parties and redirect users' queries to serve them any ads. Which is the Fastest DNS? Google DNS or OpenDNS? - TechPP