Jul 03, 2020

Cripes definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary Perhaps cripes, crikey and (my own favourite) crivvens could make a comeback. Times, Sunday Times (2009) So people are wondering if this person used the words 'cripes' or 'balderdash' much. Times, Sunday Times (2015) And, cripes, was it glamorous. Times, Sunday Times (2017) Oh For CRIPES SAKES.Leave the Damn KIDS Alone.New Jan 15, 2020

Cripes, THAT is cold - but what else do I expect, after all the water is coming down from one of the mountains round here. Jesses , ist das kalt - aber was will man auch erwarten, das wasser kommt schliesslich aus irgendeinem der berge hier.

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Used euphemistically for Christ as a mild curse or expression of surprise. “I solved the barking dog issue with my neighbors, but cripes now their cats are all over my yard and garage.”. Used to express surprise, agitation or disappointment. Find more words!

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