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undef undef Philip Whitfield & Martin Fuchs Gärtnerstrasse 50 4057 Basel Switzerland. mail@undef.ch Current React JS : 'state' is not defined no-undef Where are you using the state? If you are using state inside your component, it has a different state so you should define it inside .Unless you pass the state of the parent component trough a property . – k3llydev May 20 '19 at 19:16

In many of the C and C++ files I have seen macros like this: #ifdef X #undef X // no statements in between #endif I feel that, it's adequate to simply write: #undef X If the macro X wasn't c++ c coding-style macros undef

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undef is the "unknown value" of Perl. undef is the initial value of scalar variables. See undef explained in a video and how to return nothing (or undef) from a function in Perl? It is also a function that can be used to set variables to be undefined. See undef on Perl arrays and hashes. Written by

undef Undefines the value of EXPR, which must be an lvalue. Use only on a scalar value, an array (using @ ), a hash (using % ), a subroutine (using & ), or a typeglob (using * ). #undef - C# Reference | Microsoft® Docs