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When you click a magnet link to open it via your existing torrent client, Chrome parses the hash data. But the problem starts when Chrome declines to identify your link and restricts the files from downloading. In this situation, you face errors like pirate bay magnet link not working. For those in a hurry: A magnet link is a hypertext link that contains information that the torrent client can use to find the data to download. Downloaders should not experience issues when they switch from torrents to magnet links. It may take longer before the client begins the download, but that is about it. Both offer torrent download, media playback and support for magnet file links, but Vuze Plus adds integrated virus protection and the ability to preview media files. This extension finds magnet links on the page and offers you 2 options for downloading. The first option is to open the magnet link with your torrent client. The second option is to insert a link to the "torrentsafe" online service. If you do not have a torrent client or vpn installed, the second option will be very useful.

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Jul 24, 2020

Magnet links are the most important piece of information regarding a torrent. They're a mediator between your browser, the torrent website and your torrent client. With the click of a button, magnet links allow you to download any torrent you want.