I can sign in on my PS4 and the PSN app on my iPhone, but I can't sign in via the PSN app on my iPad. I want to link my account to my Bungie.net account and my GOG Galaxy account. I have attempted to contact PSN support, who's reply was "It must be an issue on their end," which is the most retarding fucking response I have ever heard from any

PS4 CANNOT SIGN IN ERROR FAILED REALLY EASY FIX! - YouTube Jul 01, 2019 I can't sign into my PSN with PS4 - Playstation Send Message. 09/252/2014 - 07:38PM. Think that I may have discovered a fix. While you have the signing in screen active, press & hold the ps button until the menu comes up, then, using the directional buttons scroll to the top, then to the bottom and hit back. Still Can’t Connect to PSN? We May Have a Fix for You

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